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Our Leadership 

The successful organization begins with good leadership. Leaders must be decisive, creative and lead by example. Leaders are accountable for results; foster strong teams; share skills and experience; learn from challenges and celebrate success. And above all, they remain focused on the job in hand.


Our customers, quality and reliability come for us in the first place. We build a long lasting business relationship and concentrate on understanding our clients and their needs. The knowledge of the requirements of our customers enables us to design and fabricate products tailor-made and of the highest level of quality and precision.

In brief:

  1. Highest product quality

  2. Fully committed after sales service

  3. Continuous and closest customer relationship




Mr. Salman Abdulla Al-AbdulGhani

Chairman of Excel Metal Industries 


Mr. Adel AbdulRazak Hayder

Managing Director of Excel Metal Industries 

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