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    EMI Street Furniture offers an extensive range of street furniture items covering bollards, seating, litter bins, notice boards, signage, lamp columns, protective barriers, post and rail, cycle parking and a wide range of structures. State-of-the-art 3D CADD technology is used to design products as well as some of our complex manufacturing techniques. Sophisticated digital presentations are used to model products and prevent dimensional conflicts.

    Steel provides the best long-term value in the door and frame industry. It lasts longer, requires the fewest repairs, and is sturdier than other products. Steel's natural strength also outperforms other materials in security, fire rating, sound reduction, and more.


    Frames are available either welded (Factory assembled) or knocked down (site assembled). Frames also can be designed according to buildings architectural requirements. Full Flush door panels and frames are constructed of Galvanized steel which gives improved paint adhesion and prevents rust.

    The pre-welded option works very well for construction. The doors can be placed in their openings and the wall can be easily built around the frame, making the structure more firm as a whole.


    Decorative Light Poles

    Our lighting poles, we employ the most advanced, state-of-the-art construction and manufacturing techniques to develop an extensive line of standard lighting poles. Corrosion-resistant stainless steel materials make our lighting poles a favourite among architects that often look for extra luminaire height at a reasonable cost. With a zero-maintenance finish that is highly resistant to attack

    Metro Smart International (MSI)

    MSI is in the business of designing and supplying street light poles and lights and associated road street furniture infrastructure such as smart poles and solar solutions. The range of pole products include the following: 

    • Flag poles in Aluminium to 20m and Stainless steel to 60m

    • Mid-Hinge galvanized steel poles for highways and sports grounds

    • Retailing advertising structures for street, sports, and retail venues

    • Solar systems for street lighting, security and military applications

    • Smart City poles

    • Aluminum multifunction street light poles

    • Aluminum tapered poles

    • CCTV and security poles

    • High mast poles in galvanized steel

    • Aluminum clad steel core poles

    Excel Metal Industries entered into a joint venture in May 2019 with Metrosmart International Trading and Contracting in Qatar. Ever since, the Parties have collaborated in designing, manufacturing, fabricating and installing, supplying and assembling products for delivery to various projects on a project by project basis in Qatar and elsewhere as agreed between the Parties.


    This collaboration has already been successful in winning numerous projects with Qatar Foundation in Doha, Qatar with agreements to supply Education City with many thousands of poles and the RGB lights at Al Bidda Park Doha. MSI also won projects in Singapore, Oman, India, Zanzibar.

    The quality and uniqueness of the poles together with the extraordinary hard work and ability of the MetroSmart team to satisfy consumers of the wisdom of using passive safe poles which have been used in Europe for 10 years are in large part responsible for the success of MSI.

    The bespoke designs for each project have earned the company the accolade of building some of the most beautiful and functional poles in the world.

    The directors are continuously contributing to lowering carbon emission around the world by supplying environmentally friendly products. Their contribution can be seen in the articles written for G7 Climate change the new economy magazine, the G20 China The Hangzhou summit and an Article in Respond RTCC magazine Marrakech United nations Cop 22 Summit. Quality and Safety above all else is our credo.

    We also supply flag poles with our manufacturer in China who manufactured this pole which is only 25 metres and is at the National Museum of Qatar.

    Our poles in Al Bidda park, Doha, Qatar. 

    Our poles inside Education City, Doha, Qatar. 


    Client – Land Transport Authority (LTA) Singapore
    Metro smart Polypole Series Project Orchard Street  & Princess Park Pole numbers 380, Heights 4m, 8m, 10m, 12m & 25m.
    Project Value: QAR3,596,320.00. Steel Core Warranty – 15 years

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