Excel Metal Industries

    New Industrial Area St. 10

    P. O. Box: 106

    Small & Medium Industrial Area, Pink Zone

    Email: info@excelqatar.com

    Tel:  +974-4432 1111

    Fax: +974-4441 4144

    For general inquiries, call: 44321111

    Low Voltage Switchgear

    EMI offers solutions to suit Low Voltage Electrical engineering requirements. We offer Quality switchgear

    products from world-renowned manufacturers who are our business partners, under one roof. Leading international organizations worldwide are joined hands with us in this venture. We offer our products and services along with a "Wealth of Knowledge" and "Technical Expertise".

    • LV PANELS/SMB's/DB's

    • Motor Control Centers (FORM4BTYPE·ll

    • Capacitor Banks

    • Street Lighting Feeder Pillar (Ashghal approved)

    • Generator Panels

    • Synchronization Panels

    • Soft Starter Panels

    • ATS Panels

    • HVAC Control Panels

    • VFD Control Panels

    • PLC/SCADA Panels

    • Lighting Control Panels


    EMI FACTORY has the latest equipment to build the

    electrical panel o h sheet plate to the final product.

    EMI factory has been approved by Siemens to be

    SIEMENS FRANCHISEE in Doha. EMI factory possesses

    the necessary expertise to supply engineering services 

    to the highest quality standards.