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    Safety Barrier

    BMS" "BMD" Steel Safety Barriers Normal Containment Level

    HIASA designs, manufactures, supplies and installs different types of safety barriers as singles ( "BMS") as doubles ("BMD"), with W-beam profiles ( A and B), N2 containment levels, impact severity class A and different working widths, in accord­ance with the EN 1317-2 European Standard.

    TRIONDA H2L/H2LR" Steel Safety Barriers High Containment Level

    he "TRIONDA H2UH2LR" vehicle restraint system is composed of a steel safety barriers that has been fully manufactured from galvanized steel and its design guarantees a high degree of restraint and safety in shoulders and central reservations.

    "PMH" Steel Bridge Vehicles-Paraoets of High & Very High

    Containments Levels

    HIASA manufactures, supplies and installs metallic bridge-vehicle parapets with different Containment levels:High (H2, H3) and Very High Containment (H4b), called "PMH-13';"PMH-16" and "PMH-38'; respectively. These metallic safety barriers have been specially designed for bridge deck sides (bridges, viaducts, etc.), the top sec­ t ion of retaining walls and other similar works.

    "AIR" Redirective Crash Cushions

    The "AIR" redirective crash cushions are fully manufactured with galvanized steel and have a compact, open and exposed design that is easy to inspect.


    The "AIR" redirective crash cushions have passed the full-scale tests, in accordance to the acceptance criteria specified during each restraint containment level, as described in the EN 1317-3 European Standard.