EMI offers solutions to suit Low Voltage Electrical engineering requirements. We offer Quality switchgear products from world-renowned manufacturers who are our business partners, under one roof. Leading international organizations worldwide are joined hands with us in this venture. We offer our products and services along with a “Wealth of Knowledge” and “Technical Expertise”.


EMI Range of Power Distribution Panels consists of Main Switch Boards (MSB), Power Control Centers (PCC), Sub Distribution Boxes and Metering Panels.

Main Switch Boards (MSB) Main Distributor Boards are of Modular Design, along with fully type tested Bus bars up to 6300 A and a short circuit level of 100 kA per second.

Sub Distribution Panels Designed as wall mounting Boxes for distribution purposes, along with protection instruments and indicators based on the requirements.

Metering Panels Designed for energy measurement of Single/3 Phase lines for Indoor/Outdoor installations. Meter equipments such as Voltmeters, Ammeters, kWh Meters are used depend on the Functions.


Change Over Panels Change over Panels are required for Main Supply and Generator Power changeover flexibility. Change over panel is designed with Manual Changeover Switchers, Breakers with Mechanical interlocks and Auto Changeover facilities using contractors and Motorised Breakers.

Motor Control Centers MCC consists of Motor Starter Methods such as Direct Online Starter, Star-Delta Starters and using Variable Speed Drivers (VSD), Variable Frequency Drivers etc.. Furthermore they contain various controllers such as Power Monitoring Devices, Flow monitoring devices. PLC is also integrated to the system depends on the Customer Requirement.

Synchronising Panels Synchronising Panel is designed as Auto or Manual, along with PLC for controlling and communication with other equipment through GSM/GPRS/Wired Networks or relays based on the Customer requirement.

Power Factor Correction Capacitor Banks Power Factor correction Capacitor Banks with harmonic filters are an integral part of the modern electrical power systems. Capacitor bank designs are based on providing an optional power factor correction to our Customers.