Steel Cable Tray & Ladder Systems 

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Cable Tray & Ladder are used to support Insulated Electric Cables. Click here to view this product


Wall Mounting Steel Enclosures 

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Mild Steel Box                                                                      Stainless Steel Box

Mild steel Boxes are available                                             The Stainless steel Boxes Manufactured
In Different sizes…                                                                  by us are very tight – IP 65 Standard… Click here to view this product


mildsteel                                                    mildsteel2

Mild Steel Terminal Box                                                    SS Terminal Box

Terminal Boxes are supplied with all                                   Stainless Steel Terminal Boxes are
Necessary accessories…                                                           used to fix terminals….Click here to view this product


Free Standing Enclosures


Free Standing Modular system is easier to Design & Faster to assemble. Click here to view this product


Free Standing 19” Server Racks



19” cabinets fulfill your requirements for Telecommunication & Data communication. Click here to view this product


Electrical Power Distribution Panels


Our Range of Power Distribution Panels consists of Main Switch Boards (MSB), Power Control Centers (PCC), Sub Distribution Boxes and Metering Panels. Click here