Mild Steel Box:

An Electrical Enclosure is a Cabinet for electrical or electronic equipment to mount switches, Knobs and display to prevent electrical shock to equipment users and protect the contents from the environment. The Enclosure is the only part of the Equipment which is seen by users; in many cases it is designed not only for its utilitarian requirements, but also to be pleasing to the eye.

EMI Electrical Enclosures are usually made from rigid plastics, Metals, Particularly Steel & Aluminum.

EMI Mild Steel Wall Mounting Enclosures are available in many different sizes to meet your requirement. Tested for IP65 at UKAS accredited testing lab in the UK. Many accessories are available to give total solution in wall mounting electrical distributions boards & other Low voltage assemblies.

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Distribution Box – Heavy Duty






EMI Heavy Duty Distribution Board consists of cabin, gland plate/s & steel door with PU gasket, mounting rails, DIN rails, front plates.

Heavy Duty Distribution Board is surface mounting type and can be converted to flush mounting type by fixing Flush Frame. Flush Frame is supplied as a removable separate item for easy transportation and stocking.

  • Epoxy Polyester powder coated to textured Pebble Grey (RAL 7032) .
  • DIN rail unit can be removed from the cabin to facilitate faster wiring.
  • Flush Frame of Flush Mount Distribution Board are removable for easy transportation and stocking.
  • Terminal section is covered by a separate front plate.
  • Polyurethane (PU) gasket on door to prevent dust & water
  • Concealed hinge, door opens 120 degrees .
  • Earth stud on door & cabin for earthing .
  • Recessed back plate.
  • Mounting plate for MCCB can be adjustable in depth to accommodate different brands of MCCBs.
  • Neutral & Earth links are supplied.
  • Gland plate is fixed with Copper studs. No screws are penetrated outside
  • Distribution Boards are supplied with steel front door
  • Door lock is quarter turn lock with common key.

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Mild Steel / Stainless Steel Terminal Boxes:

mildsteel mildsteel2

EMI Mild steel/Stainless Steel Terminal Boxes are for various electrical & telecommunication applications.

Stainless Steel Terminal Boxes are used to fix terminals. Available in Stainless Steel GRADE AISI 304 and Stainless Steel GRADE AISI 316.

Stainless Steel Terminal Boxes are supplied with mounting rails to fix DIN rails etc. and lid is fixed with 4 screws.

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Stainless Steel Box:


EMI Stainless Steel Enclosures are available in Stainless Steel GRADE AISI 304 and Stainless Steel GRADE AISI 316.
Stainless Steel Enclosure consists of Cabin & Door in Stainless Steel & Mounting Plate in Alu Zinc.
Door Lock is quarter turn lock in Stainless Steel with common key.

Wall Mounting Bracket – Stainless Steel Box


Wall Mounting Brackets are available in Stainless Steel GRADE AISI 304, and Stainless Steel GRADE AISI 316

Key Lock – Stainless Steel 


Many other types of locks are available on request.

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