EMI Free standing panel system has many facilities & features to make electrical switchboards to any industrial requirements. It has a ‘bolted’ structure and many standard structural parts are available to make panels as per your design. This is further enhanced due to pre-punched holes in X, Y & Z directions in the structure.

EMI Panel comes with many standard mounting profiles to fix switchgears and accessories. It comes with many other mounting options to facilitate building of professional electrical switchboards, low cost and faster. Panel system can make electrical switchboards in Forms 1-2-3-4 and their sub forms as per IEC 61439-1 standard.


EMI Busbar technology is one of the critical element determining the assembly’s operational reliability and safety.  EMI Modular system is designed to withstand the mechanical and thermal stress existing during normal service as well as under fault conditions. Due to high quality quick-turnaround power distribution products and systems, and our expert staff can help you create your own custom power distribution solution. In order to have the flexibility in designing, Busbars can be arranged in the X, Y planer or in the Z plane. The busbars are held by clamps and this allows thermal expansion & contraction, without stressing the busbar as any holes are drilled and no bolts are passing across the busbars.

fse3 fse4


EMI System is easy to assemble, easy to expand during and after construction. Different types of Inserts can be mixed within the same assembly or section, in order to efficiently meet requirements. Full range of standard parts offers in design panels to internal separation from Form 1 to Form 4B as per IEC 61439 standards.

EMI Free standing panel system can fix with different combinations of Covers and Doors as per Design. Doors and Covers of the Panel are made out of 1.5 or 2.0 mm cold rolled mild steel sheets and Epoxy Polyester powder Coated RAL 7032 & RAL 7035. Plinth and Cable entry plates in RAL 9005 Black Smooth/Textured Finish. Other colors and Finishes are available on request.

The panel system is ideal for Main Switchboards, Distribution Switchboards, and Motor Control Centers…etc.