EMI Powder Coating Process provides baked coating on all finished steel products. This Process followed by Chemical pre treatment in a multistage process that includes phosphate conversion coating, repeated rinses prior to powder coating. The powder Coated product moves into a specially designed oven that cures the coating at 200°C. We use quality powder coating materials to ensure the long life of our products.

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EMI is using dipping process system for surface preparation. The surface must be cleaned from particles such as oil, dirt, rust, etc. Our equipment is design to process surfaces like chromate, iron phosphate and zinc-phosphate applications.

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EMI takes extra care about the finishing and the coating of our products. Our in house powder coating plant is equipped with state of the art machinery to cater the most sophisticated coating systems, starting with polyester powder coating with all the standard RAL colors. All our coating equipments are from Europe. We assure a durable and anti-corrosive coating established to meet the high standards.

Powder Coating Process Includes:

Chemical Pre-treatment process

  • Degreasing
  • Water Rinsing
  • Water Rinsing
  • Iron Phosphating
  • Water Rinsing
  • Heating Drier

After drying, work pieces are directly powder coated using Electrostatic Powder Guns.

After powder coating the substrates, go through curing oven at a temperature of 200°C for 10-15min, according to the powder specification.

The final process is to ensure the quality of the products through visual inspection and laboratory tests, then packaging with polyethylene film to protect the coating film.