EMI provides to their Customers wide range of Services on their construction projects. EMI lead the industry with state-of-the-art technology and Metal Fabrication Capabilities that meet customer’s very specific requirements in the following areas:

  • CAD/CAM design and Programming
  • CNC Precision Shearing
  • CNC Punching
  • CNC Bending
  • Water Jet Precision Cutting
  • Plasma Cutting
  • CNC Pipe Bending
  • Gasket Forming for Panel Industry
  • MIG & TIG Welding

Water Jet Precision Cutting

Using Water jet Technology EMI creates simple to complex designs in floors, windows, countertops, signs & more. With Water jet cutting, more intricate and colorful displays are possible in a wider array of materials vary from stained glass to marble.

The water jet is computer-controlled, using an AutoCAD operating system. From simple pattern designs to complex blueprints, the Water jet can make your vision reality. Quick setup, great productivity and extreme accuracy are just few reasons why Clients choose EMI for Industrial Cutting.

We also offer two cutting methods, water with abrasive materials or water only, depending on your unique specifications, from Decorative architectural parts to high precision components. We can supply our services to a wide range of Industries including aerospace, automobile, as well as many of the parts used to make the machines on the assembly lines.

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CNC Tube Bending

The technology is capable of creating amazing profiles in stainless tube. Various areas of product design and fabrication have recognized the potential in utilizing this specialist capability, including architectural designers, where the use of high-performance stainless tube matches many contemporary design visions.

Some of Our Fabrication Capabilities:

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