EMI manufactures range of Street Furniture covering Shelters, Bike racks, bollards, seating and wide range of structures. Seating can be traditional in style, utilized along with other elements such as Litter Bins and Signage to create suited furniture sets designed to be used in open spaces.

In addition, EMI provides to their Customers wide range of Services on their construction projects.

EMI lead the industry with state-of-the-art technology and Metal Fabrication Capabilities that meet customer’s very specific requirements. Our manufacturing processes are designed for maximum diversity and flexibility, meaning we can provide custom sheet metal fabrication services for the most unique requirements.

EMI Powder Coating Process provides baked coating on all finished steel products. This Process followed by Chemical pretreatment in a multistage process that includes phosphate conversion coating, repeated rinses prior to powder coating. The powder Coated product moves into a specially designed oven that cures the coating at 200°C.

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